On September 12, 2014, Philip Adams founder of PoPaBiLLy MuZic, LLC, along with Mike Crow “Crowman” from 92.1 Hank FM paid tribute to The Man in Black, recognizing the anniversary of his passing, and celebrating his life long contribution to music.  Johnny and June would have been so proud of Sean Franks and Aubrey Lynn England, with their very first live, Duet performance of “Ring of Fire”, which is PoPaBiLLy MuZic’s newest single.  The CD of the new single is now available to be purchased from PoPaBiLLy MuZic, LLC, or at any location the artists Sean Franks, and Aubrey Lynn England are performing.

The night kicked off with Randy Brown, and his very special medley, which features about twenty of Johnny Cash’s hits.  Mr. Adams was very impressed with Randy’s performance.  Mr. Adams surprised everyone when he took the stage and invited Amy Olney to accompany him by performing a very unique rendition of, “Long Black Veil”.   Another special artist on the bill included The Blues Vendor, himself, Mr. Jerry Sartain, who closed the show with a BIG BANG!  It was also a pleasure having Thomas Kreason, from the Texas Musicians’ Museum, in attendance that evening as well.  The news Mr. Kreason shared about the Texas Musicians’ Museum, due to open in January 2015, was inspiring for all.

During the time Philip Adams’ shared with his late wife, Rosey Carter (a.k.a. The Wildwood Rose), Mr. Adams obtained many precious belongings from the Carter and Cash family estates.  He is planning to work with Thomas Kreason and Mike Crow, graciously allow some of these possessions to be exhibited in the Texas Musicians’ Museum.  Please mark your calendars in January 2015 (day to be determined), for another great show featuring Sean Franks, Aubrey Lynn England, and many others at the opening of the Texas Musicians’ Museum in Iriving, TX.  After the show was done, Mr. Adams said that if Cash could have been there, he would have said it himself, “YOU KIDS DONE GOOD!”